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So what's been going on? Well, lots of stuff going on behind the scenes so here's a bit of spoilers of what I've been working on. 

*Finishing up Oeclair 
*Working on some nice illustrations designs
*Preping for kickstarter!

And a whole lots more stuff! So just a quick update to keep you in the loop.

AA Table in NYCC Special Edition June 6-7

I have not done any artist alley or cons for the year (didn't get into Anime Boston nor Anime Next) so this will be the first one for the year. So if you're in town, Please stop by and check out previews of Oeclair and new prints!
Quick update:
  • I"m currently sick with cold
  • I got a new laptop, thanks for the help
  • I'm in NY and will move to a place over the weekend (ah reliving collage days with roomates in not the best neighborhood)
  • I work through an agency which is mostly oncall but for the most part I work 3-5 days a week and can pay rent on this
  • I'm participating in Inktober and you can follow my entry on my tumblr
#inktober  #inktober2014 day 2, yes I’m a day behind, still recovering from my illness. I’m keeping to drawing on the train and inking when I’m at home. 
Oeclair: Raika and Shara
Thanks guys for your thoughts. Seems like I found this for a good deal and like I said I only need it for about 2 years. I only need it for pattern making and low render work. I've worked with 64bit (thats what I use right now) and unless microsoft do something about 8's horrible interface I'll switch to mac (gasp!). I'll mostly be working in office's Mac anyhow and use Mstudio and Sai at home. 

Now if I could only get my old photoshop non-CS 6 to work with a plug in. I'd be happy for some time. 

So as some of you guys know, I have been with out a working PC since December. 
I've been using the schools labs and since I've moved back home, my brother has let me borrow his PC.

I'll be moving to NY for my internship (at lest temporarily) so I need to get my own pc.
I just need it for about 2 years before I upgrade and just wanted to know your thoughts on these specs:

What are your thoughts?


I'm also selling my Motion Computing LE 1700 tablet. I'm wanting to work with traditional media more so I've been using my sketch book instead of the tablet. It has Sai and has a presser sensitive (256) stylus. Windows 8. Only works with stylus (not figure touch) and you can hook it up to another monitor, keyboard and mouse or just use it as a portable drawing tablet. Selling it for 125$ plus shipping. You can easily find upgrading parts if you like. 
Lots and lots of rest.

Last day of class was this past Tuesday. Senior show was this past friday and graduation is this coming friday. Ive gotten my deposit for my apartment, tomorrow will be my last day at work and my electric will shut off on the 15th though I'll move out before then. 

I'm not coming out with a job, and I didn't expect that, but I was hoping for more response. So I'm changing up my tactics and will continue to make more work. Hey, if you don't get a job, make one.

Pattern work is something that I really enjoy and will pursue. But, I hope to work on my comics and stories. I'm very much out of practice.

Here's some photos of my senior show. I love the possibilities of what can be done with patterns and illustration. I just need to learn how to sew better.

I know there’s a lot of advice when it comes to artists and getting rejection. I feel that I’m ok with getting rejections. I know that I’ll get a lot of them.

What I’m not prep for, and it isn’t talked much about, is the silence.

You know when no one lets you know that you’ve been rejected, let alone not even giving you a two-sentence reason why? That feeling lost, like you’re walking in circles in the dark. Even if you know where you want to go, if you can’t see how to get there it gets really frustrating. 

I’ve gotten plenty of rejections in the past and even the generic response is better then utter silence.

Especially if it’s not an area where’s there’s a lot of free information about the whys and hows. In comics, illustration, and game design, there are so much resources out there that can guide you in where you need to go.

With fashion, print and textile design? I don’t know why, but I feel like everything is behind a pay wall. I know information is valuable and that I should invest into my work but still?

Anyways, that’s my rant. 

I don't follow too many artists. I've faved many works but not follow as often (though I do follow a lot of blogs.) I find :iconx-rewind: works fresh with color and vibrant in composition. Here are some works I've selected. 

Nate. by x-rewind To: Love by x-rewind
Libra by x-rewind 

is a beast and fantasy artist. A good friend and dedicated creator

Sakura Dragon by LunarSapphire-studio Angelic Strike.... by LunarSapphire-studio ....I WILL be Legendary by LunarSapphire-studio

:icongungriffon-geona: is an oldschool  mecha and pixel artist. A rare breed compared to other works on DA.
Solodice by gungriffon-geona Chicken in the sunset by gungriffon-geona A hornet knows no bounds by gungriffon-geona

What a feature? first 3 to respond I'll add you on. Just ask that you exchange a feature too. 
I"m going to rant because I don't believe in only posting sparkling moments on social media as though life doesn't have down moments (not that I'd post anything too personal...)

So bullet points

-Been sick off and on for the past month
-Didn't finish Space Roulette because of illness
-Fed grant decreased by 33$
-Got a new few on my tuition (its the last term, thanks goodness)
-My computer is damaged so its out of use. 
-Hours decreased at work.

In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing compared to what other people go through. I'm going to graduate in 4 months, even if I have to spend sleepless nights figuring out how. So while everyone is posting happy posts about new years res, you might not be having as positive a start. Know that its not just you and work at it. You'll survive.

I'll survive.

Thanks for your support.
Yesterday was my last day of classes and all I did was eat too much and slept. Today was the 'official' last day of the semester and I spent the day catching up with messages, doodling and rough out my new short comic. I didn't eat as much and it was a beautiful 78' outside and I finally did the decluting of my living space. 

Yep, a great start to the winter break. 

Whats this short comic about? Space Roulette is a short shounen comedy for :iconseqapunch: .I'll post previews when I get it done (due on the 31st) so the only spoilers you get is the main character is Tory and his adversary is 'Cool' saka (Kohsaka). They're trying to win a search for the famous holo writer Gemini Ayala of The Transcendents

How will I fit that in 20 pages? You'll just have to wait in see. 

Coin purses now in the Shop.

Get them while you can as some designs have a little as 1 left. As I won't table at cons for a bit (with the exception of NYCC) this is the only way to get them. 
Only 72 hours left and we're funded!
Take a look at this collaborative project of the original comic series, Snowbound. Be a part of the project and partake.

   A teenage girl learns she carries a power thought to be lost to the world. With that power, she has to protect her friends & home while learning the truth behind her powers and her own life.

Feel free to leave comments. This is the first crowdfunding I've been a part of and I'm curious about the feedback and your thoughts. I'll use what I learn from this for future campaigns. 

'Tea Time'… was printed in the steampunk anthology by  

Ebay Soon

Selling some of my artbooks. Help me out if you can, reposting this would help too.
More info on my tumblr. Free shipping to the US. Basically, me being sick these past 2 weeks has made me cut some of my work hours and I see a bottleneck in my budget before spring term. Its my last term, and it'd be really sad if I cant finish.

List of artbooks:
Suger Coat, Minekura
Wild Adapter v.1-6
Basara Artbook *Sold*
Splash 14
Ghost in the Shell backgrounds *Sold*
Pui-mun Law watercolor book
Watercolor tutorial book
Drawing portraits book. 

My 2 minutes of (not so) Fame!

at the 29:30 is my short interview at Mana con. 
It was out of the blue but hey, it could be worst. 

BW Manga commission

School is really kicking me in the rear. 
Still, even with 2 jobs, still not enough to cover expenses. 
Normally I'd take on fuller commissions (just finished a few prior ones) but times getting tight too. 
So I can only take on BW character commissions for 25$ (personal use). 

What I'm doing

Thu Oct 3, 2013, 1:35 PM
I'm working on a cool/ lovely light novel The Return.
So far of what i've read, its a military sci fi/ dystopian romance. There's more sample of my work for the book and the

You can read up a sample on the links in the blog, but the full text itself is 99 cents.
A lovely commissioner open to feedback and great to work with. So if you'd like to support me but can't afford a commission, support the book. There's more samples of my work and you'll get to see the full illustrations in the book.

I'll be walking around NYCC, showing my work, looking for critique. I don't have much funds, so I won't get to buy a lot in the AA but I'll try to grab some books. Any recommendations or artists I should be on the look out for?

Since I'll be walking about, let me know if there's something you'd like me to review on or attend and make a report.

i'll be at mana-con this Saturday! so if you're in the Brandenton or Sarasota area, please pass by!

Snowbound manga: IndieGoGo

Wed Sep 25, 2013, 10:10 AM

Hey followers (welcome newcomers).

Yesterday was the champagne launch of Snowbound. A collaborative project of a magical girl series. Our commissioner/ writer hythrain  is cool to work with and really passionate about the project.

This is for printing (and paying artists) for the first issue of 50ish pages. You have options that include buttons, pdf, poster, commissions from us artists or even you or your oc drawn into the comic!

This is my first in being part of crowdfunding. I've backed projects before, but never ran a champagne. Depending on how this goes, I might run my own series next year, but we'll see.

Check out the IndieGoGO , we need to raise 3500$

Don't we all think about monies?

Mon Sep 16, 2013, 6:57 PM

This year is going by, just way too fast.

    I'm running down in my inventory as I take a 'reset' with my work while finishing school. I've also been really tight with my budget and time so I can't put too much cash out on new inventory or con fees. I'm actually about 300$ short for next month and that's counting the hours of my new job. Its another 2 weeks from now till then, so I"m working to make it up. So if you're interested in a new bag or pencil case, now's the time to get one from my shop before they run out.

    For a short bit, I'm opening personal commissions.  Character commissions are quick to do in comparison. 

Current prices:

25$ full body BW, ex: comm: rpg 2 by Cetriya comm: Hikari by Cetriya

25$ half body color, ex:  Comm: Gage by Cetriya Comm: Gaia avatar by Cetriya

45$ full body color, ex:  AFO Mascot con guide by Cetriya

Payment upfront, and you can note me or email: decisiveorigin

Con apperience

Mana-Con: A short local library con thats free for me to table. Hours are 11-4ish so not too much of a burden. I'll mostly be selling commissions since I don't really have anything under 10$. (wonder how large the tables will be?). So if you're in the Bradenton/Sarasota FL area, hope to see you there.

NYCC: I don't have a table this year as I don't have much inventory, nor do I have a comic. I'll be there looking to network, meet up with friends, and get critiques from editors. I got a pro badge, so I'll be there on thursday, during the pro only hours. I'll also be there friday, part of the day at my school's booth #437, for a meet up spot. I won't be selling, or setting up for anything but if you'd like to pick up a commission from me, let me know. You'll have to order it ahead of time to pick up. I won't be able to do it at con. Same price as above.

*on a side note; I've learned how to do repeat patterns and its ridiculously liberating*

Senior Year

Sat Aug 24, 2013, 3:38 PM

Its been a week into my senior year now. I"m feeling a bit overly anxious because I know what I want to do but don't know how to go about it. Or maybe I do know but feeling that 'dread of the white paper' that I didn't feel untill I came to art school. Its a strange sense of stress. I think I'll go to the gym for a bit and walk it off.


AFO was a good con. Well runned and lovely staff. Too bad the hotel wasn't great, with weird layout and I've heard that service wasn't great for how expensive it was. People had to pay 18$ a day parking and food was like 15$ for a hamberger and fries. That hurt a lot of pockets so many weren't spending. Still I made ok, with only about 150$ under my goal but above my minimum. Its why I"m able to pay rent this month.


I"m still taking commissions, especially BW ones. Its my main source of income and I appreciate that. I apprieciate all of them. Times are tough and there's not much work to go around. If interested, please note. They start at 25$ full body BW.

Anime Fest Orlando

Tue Aug 6, 2013, 8:43 AM

This summer has passed by so fast! so many ups and a lot of downs. I'm scrambling to make my school payment to the last min. Lots of things I wish I did, some things I wish I did differently. Live and learn, right?

I haven't had time to post new work, but I have been working on commissions behind the scenes. Plus, with school work, I'll have a lot to post before the end of the year.

AFO is the last con I'll be tabling (#26, end table just pass dealers' doors) at and one more one day show at a library (well, still debating, depending on work). My inventory is dwindling down and the rest I'll sell to my school store. So if there was anything you'd like, now's the time to get them at my shop.

<img height="262" width="200" class="" alt="" title="" src="…">

Con art work, not sure if its for the guide book

I've been doing cons since 2006, mostly anime cons but some comic cons, multi cons and local small shows. So to end on a good note and pass on what I've learned, I'll be hosting a panel/chat "Artist alley, why do you do it?" at AFO, friday @ 8:30 pm in panel room 5 (walu).

Anyone attending, please come by with any questions or share your thoughts and experiences. Even if you're not tabling, or not even an artist but love to buy stuff from AA, there's still some info that would be of interest. I have an outline but I'm open to let the audience steer the direction of the talk.

Its my last year of school, and I'd say, it's looking positive. Life is not without stress, but I have hope to be able to overcome them.

What sells in Artist Alley?

Tue Jun 4, 2013, 1:19 PM

I've been reading up feedback on AA at larger cons. I know otakon hasn't passed yet, but talks from AnimeExpo got me wondering, does sales of fanart prints still dominate your earnings? I"m already reading a lot of feedback of con goers not happy with AA selections. Also that sales of prints has gone down, and so has the price.

 I've started to see some booth photos and it quickly gets boring and homogenous (going to spruse up mines soon). Which makes me wonder if more attendees don't bother to go to AAs because of this? I'm basing this in contrast to more artist focus cons. Also, basing this with my experience and the experience of others attending NYCC 2012 when you had to trek to get to the AA, yet many artists sold a lot more then previous years, even selling out of original art (didn't see much fan art by non comic promos. It pretty much became a mini indie con) as attendees saw a point to go find stuff there.

What has been your take? what tends do you see coming about? 


I've added some new bags at the shop

Let me know what kind of print sets you'd like in this poll

Don't forget about the free postcard, one word contest.

Last bit of update, I've finished ch.3 script of Oeclair and its outline for the story. I need to get over my fear and start drawing the layouts, hopefully before the start of school. 

100 Words, Free Postcard Contest

Tue May 7, 2013, 6:16 PM

Interested in a free postcard print from me?

Lately I've been really inspired to do a lot of sketches for future work (and something to mine from when I'm brain dead during the school year). But, I find that I keep doing the same things over and over.

So I thought why not make it a contest?
A simple contest as I found that most contests that make you draw or take a lot of time don't get much entries.
All I need is...

one word.

yep, just comment one key word that I can use as a motif for my sketches. I know there's lists out there, but I think it would be cool to involve my watchers and know what motifs you'd like. So any adjectives or nouns are OK.

And you're free to post a list of words, but only one entry per deviant/watcher.

Then i'll lotto pick the winner and mail you a postcard.

See? Simple.

Feel free to pass this post on. Oh and I'm not going to stop at the first 100, but I need a least 100 for me to pick a winner. 1 winner for every 100 words.

100 Words, Postcard Contest

Tue May 7, 2013, 6:14 PM

Interested in a free postcard print from me?

Lately I've been really inspired to do a lot of sketches for future work (and something to mine from when I'm brain dead during the school year). But, I find that I keep doing the same things over and over.

So I thought why not make it a contest?
A simple contest as I found that most contests that make you draw or take a lot of time don't get much entries.
All I need is...

one word.

yep, just comment one key word that I can use as a motif for my sketches. I know there's lists out there, but I think it would be cool to involve my watchers and know what motifs you'd like. So any adjectives or nouns are OK.

And you're free to post a list of words, but only one entry per deviant/watcher.

Then i'll lotto pick the winner and mail you a postcard.

See? Simple.

Feel free to pass this post on. Oh and I'm not going to stop at the first 100, but I need a least 100 for me to pick a winner. 1 winner for every 100 words.

Comics and Unfinished Business

Thu May 2, 2013, 3:12 PM

Classes are over for the year (sent in my last assignment yesterday). Schedules for next year are a bit finicky so still working on it. I've started on my 2nd part time job, working for the school for summer. Still have commission work to clear out so I've been busy!

I'm glad I decided to keep out of artists alley at multi day cons. A few weeks ago, I tabled at Madeby Illust market and just paid for Orlando Anime Day, June 15. I have some stock and I don't over think about my presentation at these simple places. A lot less stressful.

So my focus for this summer, besides keeping up my skills and learning 2 programs, I'm hoping to get back to making comics. I've recently finished taking 'writing for YA' and learned a good deal about creating stories (and that I need to get a grasp on my grammar). I've never thought I'd do this, but I've decided not to continue Galactic Divine. I have other stories that I've never finished but hadn't produced comics for. Once I start on a comic, I like to finish it. So GD is my first incomplete comic.

Why? well I might have subconsciously known this  before the writing class, but the class put into words the problem I was having. GD was a broken story to begin with. The world wasn't developed other then how pretty everything looked and  I needed a reason to draw pretty men.

So when I needed to continue writing the story, I hit road blocks, or roads that had no signs. What ever the case, I stopped working on it and worked on other stuff .

Who knows, I might reuse some of the characters, but not all were developed either.

Cut Hours, Summer Commissions

Sun Apr 14, 2013, 9:56 AM

Just 2 weeks left of this term and I'll be happy when its over. Senior year will be smoother since I only have to take 2 studio class and the rest lecture class. Plus I'll only take 4 class each term instead of 5,6.

I have switched from my last job because even if I request a day off 3 months in advance,  I still wouldn't get it and wouldn't know till the week of. Unfortunately, just found out that my new job will cut hours anytime there's a slow day of sales.

I can't survive on 320$ a month. For now I have a little savings and less bills since I don't have to pay the school out of pocket till Aug but I need more then 320$ to cover what bills I have. This happend after I got my new kittie and I'm about to take her to the vet for vaccines.

I don't advertise my commissions much during the year, but now that I have less work. I'm opening them up for a time.

BW manga commissions starting at 20$:…
comm: rpg 1 by Cetriya comm: rpg 2 by Cetriya comm: Mashiro by Cetriya Demon Toast Pg14 by Cetriya Comm: Ninja Burst by Cetriya
I have a preference for BW work because I find the inking process relaxing.

Color work starting at 35$:…
Kaila's power dress by Cetriya  Tea Break by Cetriya Warrior by Cetriya Otakon comm: Hita by Cetriya

Everyone's commission is unique, thus why I don't just have a chart. Note me and we can chat.

Not interested in commission? Take a look at my shop. Here's just a few items.

Other wise, just have a few BGs to complete, a twitter avatar and some toning work. I'll be sending out some post cards to art directors this summer to hopefully gather some freelance. If you're interested in hiring me for a more involved project, email me cetriya(AT) with details.