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I was just about to sign up for megacon, but saw that its a 4 day show and the price up from (well years ago) the last time I tabled at the show. 

So if you'd like to be a partner, we could register for a table together and split. 

update to my life and comics:

*I got a new full time job through agencies
*I'm working steady on Oeclair
*I'm still sleep deprived. 
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Hey folks!

If you haven't already, check out my WIP and keep up with my updates on my Instagram

The kickstarter was successful at the last min and since then, I’ve gotten a few people coming at the end of the campaign. 

PreOrder Here

I’ve opened up a limited preorder before NYCC for those who rather use paypal (though you can use card too). 

Book and Clearfile comes with free Shipping to all US orders. Each book will be signed and I’ll throw in some some bonus goodies.

The book is 60+ Pages with 4 pages in color and production sketches in the back

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Scrambling in the last min. Its your final chance to grab a limited edition and print run of Oeclair: Watercolor comic…

Limited Artist edition Include:

  • 60+ page book
  • Double sided clear file
  • Signature sketch
  • Tutorial download
  • Layered Psd
  • Print
  • Shipping included

1st Goal Achieved! There's just under 100$ or 6 book backers needed to get the last goal. Will you be one of the backers? Not able too?

Win a copy by resharing, retweeting or rebloging!

Here are some links to make it easier on you:………


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Its soon coming to a close. What a ride that was! Thank you so much for your support and sharing of the project. 
There's still just under a day left, your final chance to grab a limited edition and print run of Oeclair: Watercolor comic…

We made our first stretch goal, so all backers will be included in the group sketch. Make sure you look your best in that photo!
Just 11 book backers
 away from getting extra book content and color pages. So if you haven't pledge yet, or only grabbed a digital item, please consider a book pledge.

As always, share the project to your friends and online.
We can make it :3

Oeclair: A Fantastical Watercolor Stand Alone Comic -- Kicktraq Mini
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Thanks for all the lovely support and pushing towards the goal! I appreciate all the reshares and comments of encouragement. I know that we're all artists and things are rough but you all really pulled through <3

What am I talking about?

Oeclair: The watercolor comic Kickstarter

We're reached the $1,375 Goal with 3 days left with the campaign. If you haven't checked it out yet or you're still thinking weather to pledge or not, please take a look. I might have a few copies to sell online but that will be after NYCC and it'll be just the book and not the full artist edition. 

Whats in the Artist Edition?
  • 60+ page book
  • Double sided clear file
  • Signature sketch
  • Tutorial download
  • Layered Psd
  • Print
  • Shipping included

So if you'd like to grab a copy for 20 bucks, you have 3 days. Who knows, we might just get a stretch goal or 2?

Oeclair: A Fantastical Watercolor Stand Alone Comic -- Kicktraq Mini


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It's getting to the last few days and we're so close! Only 350$ left to reach the goal in just 5 days. So please, help me with the final push towards the finish! Let others know about the project and share where ever and with whom ever you can. Feel free to use any graphics from the KICKSTARTER and quote the summery if you like. I know many of my watchers are long time lurkers. If it was ever a time I need an active mob is now. 

Embedded image permalink

You can retweet, reblog or reshare any of the my posts on the my social media. just google "Cetriya" and you'll find all my accounts, but just in case:

cetriya facebook
cetriya youtube

Again, thank you all. I"m happy for such a strong comeback into comics after my break during school. 

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Hey, you got questions, I've got answers!
there's been some comments about the kickstarter so I cover them in this video with an early testing for different screen recorders. There's 6 days left to get 378$ and I'm feeling pretty excited!

So if you have any comments and questions let me know :3


Its the final home stretch and there’s about 500$ left to make the goal in 9 days. This seems pretty tight, but think of it of only needing about 5 backers a day to make it in time.…

So thought I'd share a bit of my thoughts and whats been going on in the background.

  • I was really afraid to launch this KS to the point of sitting on it for some months and dragging my feet to post it. I did have real reasons (moving, graduating, job hunting, moving again) but I know the main reason is just fear
  • I did not expect all the international backs! thanks so much for your support. I"ve also sent so many nice comments both here and on social media. I'm pretty much a lurker so I think I attract a lot of lurkers so thanks for breaking the silence.
  • Its interesting to see how the tiers preform. I expected more to choose the BW illustration teir since its less then what I typically charge for that commission and you get the other stuff (sample seen below). The book teir did as expected and wonder if anyone will snatch the large original illustration of the clear file.
Oeclair 15 Inktober by CetriyaOeclair 16 Inktober by Cetriya

So will we make it? I'll be pushing even more on social media and ask for you to share this project with others. I've added a smaller 1$ teir for those who just want to pitch in. IF you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them.

Again, thanks for your support!…

Edition4 by Cetriya

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Not giving up, 10 days left to make 600$! Oeclair watercolor comic Kickstarter ampaign still going   

I know its the long stretch, but not impossible (about 3 book backers a day)! even if you can only order a pdf please do. With out your support, this won’t happen. The comic will, but this artist edition will not (minimum print run thats more then 100). And what will I show at NYCC??

You love magical girl adventure stories bursting with nostalgia? Please take a look!

There’s chapter one posted in the Updates and starting ch.2 out this weeks :3…

Oeclair by Cetriya  Oeclair Flash! by Cetriya

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There's only 14 days left and Oeclair is over 50% funded. If you're interested in an exclusive Artist edition which includes the comic, clear file, video download and sketch, please head on over to the Oeclair: Watercolor Comic Kickstarter,  

Oeclair the official by Cetriya      Oeclair Page break by Cetriya  

*This won't happen with out your contribution*

*So please support and share this project!*

Oeclair: A Fantastical Watercolor Stand Alone Comic -- Kicktraq Mini

Yes, Kickstarter for Oeclair is a thing!

So through out the campaigne I will be posting up the comic pages for samples! I have some other activities for you all to participate in so please take a look and spread the word with others!

What is Oeclair?

In trying to save her best friend, Shara is caught in the storm barrier of the outer edge of the open sea and is hurled to the unknown side.

She wakes up in an imperfect world, complete contrast of her warm and peaceful home. A world where health is a luxury and most are just trying to survive the day. She becomes a hunted outcast by the zealous and oppressive ruling order, wanting to take her secret of ‘perfection’.

Oeclair Book Cover by Cetriya Oeclair Flash! by CetriyaOeclair Pg002 by Cetriya

A 60 page 5.5x8.5" perfect bound comic with BW interiors. Including with the comic is sketches and BW illustrations. 

Goals included:
  • Printed Clear file
  • Original BW & Color Art
  • Posters & Prints
  • Backer Group sketch (like a class photo)
  • Stretch: Full color book

Oeclair: A Fantastical Watercolor Stand Alone Comic -- Kicktraq Mini

So what's been going on? Well, lots of stuff going on behind the scenes so here's a bit of spoilers of what I've been working on. 

*Finishing up Oeclair 
*Working on some nice illustrations designs
*Preping for kickstarter!

And a whole lots more stuff! So just a quick update to keep you in the loop.

AA Table in NYCC Special Edition June 6-7

I have not done any artist alley or cons for the year (didn't get into Anime Boston nor Anime Next) so this will be the first one for the year. So if you're in town, Please stop by and check out previews of Oeclair and new prints!
Quick update:
  • I"m currently sick with cold
  • I got a new laptop, thanks for the help
  • I'm in NY and will move to a place over the weekend (ah reliving collage days with roomates in not the best neighborhood)
  • I work through an agency which is mostly oncall but for the most part I work 3-5 days a week and can pay rent on this
  • I'm participating in Inktober and you can follow my entry on my tumblr
#inktober  #inktober2014 day 2, yes I&#8217;m a day behind, still recovering from my illness. I&#8217;m keeping to drawing on the train and inking when I&#8217;m at home. 
Oeclair: Raika and Shara
Thanks guys for your thoughts. Seems like I found this for a good deal and like I said I only need it for about 2 years. I only need it for pattern making and low render work. I've worked with 64bit (thats what I use right now) and unless microsoft do something about 8's horrible interface I'll switch to mac (gasp!). I'll mostly be working in office's Mac anyhow and use Mstudio and Sai at home. 

Now if I could only get my old photoshop non-CS 6 to work with a plug in. I'd be happy for some time. 

So as some of you guys know, I have been with out a working PC since December. 
I've been using the schools labs and since I've moved back home, my brother has let me borrow his PC.

I'll be moving to NY for my internship (at lest temporarily) so I need to get my own pc.
I just need it for about 2 years before I upgrade and just wanted to know your thoughts on these specs:

What are your thoughts?


I'm also selling my Motion Computing LE 1700 tablet. I'm wanting to work with traditional media more so I've been using my sketch book instead of the tablet. It has Sai and has a presser sensitive (256) stylus. Windows 8. Only works with stylus (not figure touch) and you can hook it up to another monitor, keyboard and mouse or just use it as a portable drawing tablet. Selling it for 125$ plus shipping. You can easily find upgrading parts if you like. 
Lots and lots of rest.

Last day of class was this past Tuesday. Senior show was this past friday and graduation is this coming friday. Ive gotten my deposit for my apartment, tomorrow will be my last day at work and my electric will shut off on the 15th though I'll move out before then. 

I'm not coming out with a job, and I didn't expect that, but I was hoping for more response. So I'm changing up my tactics and will continue to make more work. Hey, if you don't get a job, make one.

Pattern work is something that I really enjoy and will pursue. But, I hope to work on my comics and stories. I'm very much out of practice.

Here's some photos of my senior show. I love the possibilities of what can be done with patterns and illustration. I just need to learn how to sew better.

I know there’s a lot of advice when it comes to artists and getting rejection. I feel that I’m ok with getting rejections. I know that I’ll get a lot of them.

What I’m not prep for, and it isn’t talked much about, is the silence.

You know when no one lets you know that you’ve been rejected, let alone not even giving you a two-sentence reason why? That feeling lost, like you’re walking in circles in the dark. Even if you know where you want to go, if you can’t see how to get there it gets really frustrating. 

I’ve gotten plenty of rejections in the past and even the generic response is better then utter silence.

Especially if it’s not an area where’s there’s a lot of free information about the whys and hows. In comics, illustration, and game design, there are so much resources out there that can guide you in where you need to go.

With fashion, print and textile design? I don’t know why, but I feel like everything is behind a pay wall. I know information is valuable and that I should invest into my work but still?

Anyways, that’s my rant. 

I don't follow too many artists. I've faved many works but not follow as often (though I do follow a lot of blogs.) I find :iconx-rewind: works fresh with color and vibrant in composition. Here are some works I've selected. 

<da:thumb id="408374222"/> <da:thumb id="254093027"/>
<da:thumb id="268393690"/> 

is a beast and fantasy artist. A good friend and dedicated creator

Sakura Dragon by LunarSapphire-studio Angelic Strike.... by LunarSapphire-studio ....I WILL be Legendary by LunarSapphire-studio

:icongungriffon-geona: is an oldschool  mecha and pixel artist. A rare breed compared to other works on DA.
Solodice by gungriffon-geona Chicken in the sunset by gungriffon-geona A hornet knows no bounds by gungriffon-geona

What a feature? first 3 to respond I'll add you on. Just ask that you exchange a feature too. 
I"m going to rant because I don't believe in only posting sparkling moments on social media as though life doesn't have down moments (not that I'd post anything too personal...)

So bullet points

-Been sick off and on for the past month
-Didn't finish Space Roulette because of illness
-Fed grant decreased by 33$
-Got a new few on my tuition (its the last term, thanks goodness)
-My computer is damaged so its out of use. 
-Hours decreased at work.

In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing compared to what other people go through. I'm going to graduate in 4 months, even if I have to spend sleepless nights figuring out how. So while everyone is posting happy posts about new years res, you might not be having as positive a start. Know that its not just you and work at it. You'll survive.

I'll survive.

Thanks for your support.
Yesterday was my last day of classes and all I did was eat too much and slept. Today was the 'official' last day of the semester and I spent the day catching up with messages, doodling and rough out my new short comic. I didn't eat as much and it was a beautiful 78' outside and I finally did the decluting of my living space. 

Yep, a great start to the winter break. 

Whats this short comic about? Space Roulette is a short shounen comedy for :iconseqapunch: .I'll post previews when I get it done (due on the 31st) so the only spoilers you get is the main character is Tory and his adversary is 'Cool' saka (Kohsaka). They're trying to win a search for the famous holo writer Gemini Ayala of The Transcendents

How will I fit that in 20 pages? You'll just have to wait in see. 

Coin purses now in the Shop.

Get them while you can as some designs have a little as 1 left. As I won't table at cons for a bit (with the exception of NYCC) this is the only way to get them. 
Only 72 hours left and we're funded!
Take a look at this collaborative project of the original comic series, Snowbound. Be a part of the project and partake.

   A teenage girl learns she carries a power thought to be lost to the world. With that power, she has to protect her friends & home while learning the truth behind her powers and her own life.

Feel free to leave comments. This is the first crowdfunding I've been a part of and I'm curious about the feedback and your thoughts. I'll use what I learn from this for future campaigns. 

'Tea Time'… was printed in the steampunk anthology by  

Ebay Soon

Selling some of my artbooks. Help me out if you can, reposting this would help too.
More info on my tumblr. Free shipping to the US. Basically, me being sick these past 2 weeks has made me cut some of my work hours and I see a bottleneck in my budget before spring term. Its my last term, and it'd be really sad if I cant finish.

List of artbooks:
Suger Coat, Minekura
Wild Adapter v.1-6
Basara Artbook *Sold*
Splash 14
Ghost in the Shell backgrounds *Sold*
Pui-mun Law watercolor book
Watercolor tutorial book
Drawing portraits book. 

My 2 minutes of (not so) Fame!

at the 29:30 is my short interview at Mana con. 
It was out of the blue but hey, it could be worst. 

BW Manga commission

School is really kicking me in the rear. 
Still, even with 2 jobs, still not enough to cover expenses. 
Normally I'd take on fuller commissions (just finished a few prior ones) but times getting tight too. 
So I can only take on BW character commissions for 25$ (personal use).