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Thanks guys for your thoughts. Seems like I found this for a good deal and like I said I only need it for about 2 years. I only need it for pattern making and low render work. I've worked with 64bit (thats what I use right now) and unless microsoft do something about 8's horrible interface I'll switch to mac (gasp!). I'll mostly be working in office's Mac anyhow and use Mstudio and Sai at home. 

Now if I could only get my old photoshop non-CS 6 to work with a plug in. I'd be happy for some time. 

So as some of you guys know, I have been with out a working PC since December. 
I've been using the schools labs and since I've moved back home, my brother has let me borrow his PC.

I'll be moving to NY for my internship (at lest temporarily) so I need to get my own pc.
I just need it for about 2 years before I upgrade and just wanted to know your thoughts on these specs:

What are your thoughts?


I'm also selling my Motion Computing LE 1700 tablet. I'm wanting to work with traditional media more so I've been using my sketch book instead of the tablet. It has Sai and has a presser sensitive (256) stylus. Windows 8. Only works with stylus (not figure touch) and you can hook it up to another monitor, keyboard and mouse or just use it as a portable drawing tablet. Selling it for 125$ plus shipping. You can easily find upgrading parts if you like. 
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silvertales Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
The specs for this machine look pretty good.

Windows 7 is reliable and stable, but will be losing support starting next year, in favor of Windows 8. (*grr*)

You may want to look into more RAM, especially if you're going to be pushing the machine in any capacity... hi-res renders, etc. Quad core will do you well, and AMD processors are pretty good.... they have a slightly shorter life span than Intel processors, but if it's going to be a temporary machine and you know that going in, it's not a big deal.

Like Kiriska said, though, be aware than not everything is 64-bit compatible just yet, TWAIN being a good example. (I have the same problem with my scanner and having to switch back and forth between 32 and 64 bit versions of PS.)
ppgrainbow Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I already got a new computer earlier today and the specs look fine.

However, Windows 7 is no longer legally sold in retail stores and later this year, OEM system builders will no longer be permitted to pre-load Windows 7 Starter, Home Premium or Ultimate on new computers after 31 October 2014 as Windows 7 will lose Mainstream Support early next year. :(
neilak20 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Windows 7 is a good bet. The AMD processors tend to not last as long as Intels. If you're doing a lot of stuff that uses the Virtual memory (VRAM) your hard drive can eventually die (which happened on my bro's old laptop)

All those things aren't guaranteed to go wrong though. All in all I think this sounds like a good computer.
Kiriska Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
Looks fine to me, for the most part.

I would personally probably buy addition RAM (want at least 8 GB) and would check if you have the RAM slots to add on yourself, later, or whatever, but if you only need it for two years, it may not be that big a deal. If you've never had a 64 bit OS before, you should know that some programs aren't available in 64 bit yet still, so you wouldn't be running those program at full power -- in particular, I am really annoyed that TWAIN scanner drivers are yet compatible with 64 bit, so I have to run 32 bit Photoshop to use my scanner, forcing me to swap back and forth between 32/64 bit versions of Photoshop because I can't run them at the same time.
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